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Welcome to NewsBeat Social – the best source for video news from all over the world. We’re a new type of news organization built for the modern digital age. All of our news videos are one minute or less, and play on any device in any country. Our news has no frills and no filler – we present the facts in digestible, quick stories.

We cover it all, from business and politics to entertainment, weather and beyond.

Our news coverage is growing every day – We launched in February 2013, and have expanded to bureaus in New York, Washington DC, and internationally in the Philippines and India.

The world is becoming a more connected place, and the internet brings people together in a way never seen before. We hope, that with our passion for independent news, you too will have a global understanding and join the conversation about the world around us.

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We do the news one minute at a time. With our team of passionate journalists, we answer the “who, what, where, when and how?” for every story, and leave the “why?” for you to discuss with your peers in the comment section.

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We cover news around the globe, from the world stage all the way to your backyard. We’ve launched our first international bureaus in the Philippines and India with more to come soon! Our coverage will grow to enable you to follow just the topics you’re interested in and stay an informed global citizen.

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It’s never been easier to get the news at your fingertips. You can find us on Facebook, and the news is delivered right to your personalized newsfeed. You can also discover the news for yourself at our website and watch just what you want, one minute at a time. Check back often for updates and coverage of major world events.

Our News Bureaus
Portland, OR | Global HQ
New York, NY | Bureau
Washington, DC | Bureau
Sao Paulo, Brazil | Planned 2015
London, UK | Planned 2015
Paris, France | Planned 2015
Cairo, Egypt | Planned 2015
Makati, Philippines | Asia HQ
Hyderabad, India | Bureau

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