Quezon City Police Halt Door-to-Door Drug Tests

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Police in Quezon City in the Philippines say they have stopped conducting door-to-door drug tests after residents challenged the practice in court.

Reports of the testing emerged in August with residents saying police officers forced them to take on-the-spot urine tests.

The National Union of People’s Lawyers, or NUPL, filed a petition in court on behalf of residents of Barangays Payatas and South Triangle in Quezon City.

Quezon City District Police Chief Guillermo Eleazar said officers had been overzealous in conducting house-to-house operations and that they will no longer have an active role in anti-drug activities.

The judge in the case refused to issue a temporary restraining order to stop the practice because of the police chief’s promise.

Eleazar has insisted the tests were voluntary but NUPL doubts this.