Ontario Judge Suspended for Wearing Trump Campaign Hat

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A judge in Ontario, Canada has received a 30-day unpaid suspension for wearing a hat with Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, Make America Great Again.

The Ontario Judicial Council received 81 complaints about Justice Bernd Zabel’s choice of headwear in the courtroom last November.

Some were concerned that they would be discriminated against by a Trump supporter.

A statement from the council says they found Zabel’s conduct violated the principle that the judiciary must remain above and removed from politics.

However, they said this one incident was at odds with his nearly three decades as an exemplary judge.

Zabel said that he was not trying to show personal support for Trump, but was making a joke about the fact he was the only one of his colleagues who had predicted the results of the election.

He also said he now realizes his actions were inappropriate, and he regrets them.