‘Nordstrom Local’ Gives Shoppers a Different Experience

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Nordstrom has announced its latest store, and it couldn’t be any more different to its popular department store.

Named Nordstrom Local, the store won’t even stock any inventory.

The company said Sept. 11, the new stores will house personal stylists, some dressing rooms and a limited supply of items.

The stylists will put together outfits for shoppers, and then pull the items from nearby Nordstrom stores or ship them to your home.

The new concept reflects today’s shopping habits, with fewer people going into stores and more people shopping online.

Nordstrom’s new way of shopping cuts costs for stores but still gets customers through the door. The stores will be 3,000 sq foot in size, just 2 percent of the average size store.

It is basically a middle ground, between high-street shopping and online shopping.

The first store is expected to open in Los Angeles, in October.