New Research Suggest Octopuses Socialize

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — New research suggests octopuses may like hanging out with their friends, just like we do.

Researchers observed a group of about 15 gloomy octopuses off the eastern coast of Australia.

Their findings, published recently in the journal Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology, seem to contradict the animal’s reputation as a loner.

The congregation site, which is also home to numerous octopus dens, has been dubbed “Octlantis” by researchers. GoPro cameras filmed the animals for 10 hours.

Footage revealed groups of them socializing but not all the interactions were positive. Researchers said they even observed some octopuses kicking others out of their dens.

“Octlantis” sits only a few hundred meters away from an octopus  settlement nicknamed “Octopolis,” which was discovered in 2009.

Authors of the latest study say they need to conduct more research to better understand octopus behavior and the perks of living in a group.