Hot Florida Cops Steam Up Internet With Viral Selfie

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A selfie taken by three Gainesville, Florida, police officers has captured the eyes, hearts and imaginations of women across the internet.

Three of Gainesville’s finest — and hunkiest — getting ready for work on Sunday, Sept. 10, as Hurricane Irma began battering the Sunshine State.

As of Wednesday, the photo on the Gainesville PD Facebook page had received nearly 150,000 comments.

One woman chimed in, “Looks like my next vacation will be spent in Gainesville rolling through stop signs and driving without a tail light.”

Another asked, “So if I don’t remain silent, will something be held against me?”

And they continued: some sweet, some smutty, all amorous.

The police are taking it in stride, offering several updates.

First, one of the cops is single. Also, there will be a calendar to benefit the Hurricane Irma recovery.