Forensic Tests Show Uncle Did Not Father Rape Victim’s Baby

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Investigators in India have reopened a high-profile rape case involving a 10-year-old girl after forensic tests showed the DNA of the man accused of raping her did not match that of her baby.

The case made international headlines earlier this year after India’s Supreme Court denied the girl permission to get an abortion, saying the procedure was too risky healthwise. She was 32 weeks pregnant at the time.

Doctors had determined she was pregnant after the 10-year-old went to the hospital for stomach pains.

The girl’s uncle was later arrested after she said he had raped her several times over a period of six to seven months.

However, according to the Hindustan Times, a forensic report submitted to the court on Sept. 12 reveals the the girl’s uncle did not father her one-month-old baby.

The BBC reports that the accused remains in prison and has yet to release a statement.