Dog on Crack Kills UK Owner

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The dog that attacked and killed a man in front of a BBC film crew may have been triggered by crack cocaine.

Mario Perivoitos died in March, when BBC journalists were in his home filming a program about drugs and drug use.

When Perivoitos starting having a seizure after using cocaine that evening, his Staffordshire bull terrier attacked his face and neck, crushing his throat and causing him significant blood loss.

Despite efforts to revive him at the hospital, Perivoitos died. The coroner said the attack caused his death.

An inquest at a London coroner’s court heard the dog’s behavior could have been caused by crack cocaine.

According to The Independent, Nicholas Carmichael, a veterinary toxicology expert, found cocaine and morphine in the dog’s urine.

Carmichael said, “The dog had clearly taken it and … it is likely to have been a factor in the dog’s behavior.”