Baby Great White Shark Released After Getting Stranded

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — It was a happy ending for a baby great white shark that recently washed up on a popular Sydney beach.

The shark, nicknamed Fluffy, was successfully released back into the ocean on Sept. 12.

The shark had become disoriented and suffered minor injuries when it was found flailing in the surf the previous day.

Marine experts tried to get the shark to swim to deeper waters, but it continued to head towards shore.

It was then that they took Fluffy to the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, where the juvenile male spent the night in a pool being monitored by staff members.

A night of rest seemed to do the trick.

Twenty-four hours later, the shark had recovered and was ready to head home.

A team of vets and shark experts took the 1.8-meter-long shark to deeper water, and it quickly went on its way.