American Student Has Been Shot Dead at High School in Washington State

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — An American student has been shot dead at a high school in the state of Washington.

The shooting took place on Sept. 13, at Freeman High School, south of Spokane.

One student was killed and three others were injured.

Officials say the injured students are in stable condition at a local hospital and the shooter has been detained.

According to local news sources, the shooter is male and a current student at the school.

As soon as the shooting was reported, all south side Spokane public schools were put on lock down and local roads were closed to allow access for emergency services.

The school, based in the small community of Rockford, only holds 300 pupils. Rockford’s Mayor Carrie Roecks said she is shocked that something like this could happen at such a small school.

The investigation is ongoing but parents are now being reunited with their children.