130 Tonnes of Congealed Fat Is Clogging an East London Sewage Tunnel

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A solid mass of congealed fat has recently been found in an East London sewage tunnel.

The fatberg also contains nappies, oil and condoms.

Thames Water, which is responsible for water waste treatment in Greater London, said it is one of the largest lumps of trash it has seen.

It weighs around 130 tonnes, stretches over 800 feet long and will take up to three weeks to remove.

The company’s head of waste networks said if it is not dealt with, raw sewage could flood London’s streets.

Fatbergs are caused when people put items in the toilet or sink that can not be broken down. The items congeal into a solid mass and block the pipes.

Many of the sewers in London were built around 1860, and experts say the aging systems can not keep up with the amount of waste that growing populations are producing.