Striking Union Members Protest Planned French Labor Law Changes

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Striking union members are protesting in the streets of France, in opposition of planned labor law reforms.

Organizers estimated 60,000 people participated in the Paris protest alone, on Sept. 12, but police pegged the number of marchers at 24,000.

There’ve been reports of several scuffles breaking out between black-clad protesters and police, but The New York Times reports the overall mood in Paris was calm.

Protesters nationwide are marching against French President Emmanuel Macron’s effort to revitalize the economy by changing the labor code to give employers more flexibility to hire and fire workers, among other things.

Macron appeared to refer to the plan’s opponents as “slackers” during a speech in Greece last week, but he later tried to clarify that he was speaking about continued inaction on the issue.

More protests are planned for Sept. 21, the day before the reforms are expected to be adopted.