Duterte Urges Marawi Militants to Surrender

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — As the battle for Marawi winds down, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has urged militants to surrender and foresees future violence in Mindanao.

On Saturday Sept. 9, Duterte assured the remaining fighters holed up in Marawi that they would not be harmed if they surrender.

Duterte promised that they would be treated as criminals and given due process under the law.

He also rejected a deal from militant leader Omar Maute to release hostages in exchange for the fighters’ freedom.

Meanwhile, one military spokesman has said the remaining militants in Marawi have sent out feelers and are preparing to surrender.

Duterte also said there would be no peace in Mindanao for a long time, and that more fighting would break out if historical injustices were not addressed.

He said the only way to do this would be to switch to a federal system of government.