British Man Survives Swimming Across the Colorado River at the Hoover Dam

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A British man has survived swimming across the Colorado River, at the Hoover Dam, just outside Las Vegas.

Twenty-eight-year-old Aaron Hughes is thought to be the first person to survive the swim. Over the last decade, 275 people have died at the site.

The dam is 726 feet tall and weighs over 6 million tonnes. He reportedly only survived because nine of the 10 hydroelectric turbines were turned off.

He was arrested as soon as he got out of the water; it is illegal to swim in the Hoover Reservoir. No charges were filed but he was was fined over $300.

Hughes was on a bachelor party at the time, he was under the influence of alcohol and said he didn’t know it was an offense to swim there.

He is proud of his achievement and told news sources, “My friends all think I’m a legend.”