Patty Jenkins Will Direct ‘Wonder Woman 2’

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The director of Wonder Women has officially signed up to work on “Wonder Woman 2.”

Patty Jenkins directed the 2017 smash hit film “Wonder Woman,” breaking the record for biggest grossing live-action film directed by a woman in the process.

On Sept. 11, she agreed to do it all again.

“Wonder Woman 2” is expected to be released in 2019, again starring Gal Gadot as the lead role.

Jenkins told Variety she has already started co-writing the sequel, but her skills have come at a price. The deal puts Jenkins as the highest-paid female filmmaker in history.

Her salary figure is estimated between $7 and $9 million, and that doesn’t include her back end pay, that will be worked out depending on box-office grosses.

There will also be pressure for success; the 2017 release brought in more than $800 million.