New Visuals Claim to Show Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Still Exists

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A creature thought to have gone extinct decades ago might still be alive.

Video footage and still images taken on the island of Tasmania off southern Australia show a blurry creature that amateur researchers claim is a Tasmanian tiger.

Tasmanian tigers — also known as thylacines — were declared extinct in 1986, 50 years after the last captive animal died in a zoo in Tasmania but the Booth Richardson Tiger Team released images last week that were purportedly taken late last year.

The group has been trying to get proof that thylacines still exist and they aren’t the only ones. Many claim to have sighted the creatures in the wild over the years, though there’s been no scientifically-confirmed proof.

One Tasmanian wildlife expert said there’s a 20 percent chance these new images show a Tasmanian tiger. Others suggest it’s a fox.

Either way, thylacine trackers won’t give up their search for proof.