The Film ‘It’ Breaks Horror Film Records

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The movie “It,” an adaptation of Stephen King’s thriller, cashed in the biggest amount any horror movie has made in North America, over its opening weekend.

“It” was released Friday, Sept. 8 and by Sunday, the U.S. box office had raked in $123 million in sales.

Produced by Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, the film also picked up a further $62 million, in other countries around the world.

However, some people got more than they bargained for on the scare factor scale.

After watching the film based on a sadistic clown, viewers took to social media to discuss their movie experiences, and it appears clowns weren’t limited to just the screen.

Over the weekend, pranksters came to watch the film dressed in full clown gear, terrorizing other movie goers.

Talk about living in a nightmare.