NASA Scientists Develop Plan to Stop Yellowstone Supervolcano From Destroying Earth

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — NASA scientists want to save the world from a supervolcano.

A massive chamber of magma lies beneath Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Researchers think it’s a greater threat to humanity than any other one thing, including asteroids or comets.

Scientists say Yellowstone’s supervolcano isn’t due to erupt for another 40,000 years.

But it can’t hurt to start working on a plan, right?

NASA’s researchers told the BBC they’re studying ways to cool the magma down. Doing so could stop the molten rock from reaching a highly fluid state and spreading quickly — wiping out civilizations and food supplies.

They could drill a hole into the molten rock and pump cold water into it. The super-heated water would return to the surface and that geothermal energy could be turned into electricity. The water would be cooled and pumped back underground.

One NASA scientist said, “The primary objective … is to gradually defang Yellowstone.”