American Football Star Celebrates Birth of His 14th Child Even Though He’s Had a Vasectomy

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — They say nothing can stop you if you put your mind to it, apparently not even a vasectomy, well for American football star Antonio Cromartie anyway.

On Aug. 30, he welcomed his 14th child into the world, even though he claims he’s had the snip, and this is not the first time Cromartie’s swimmers have over achieved.

His week old baby girl is his third child to be born since his vasectomy in 2013.

The news of Cromartie’s magic sperm has spread quickly across social media.

One Twitter user said “Antonio Cromartie could revive the human race if there was ever a disaster,” another said his penis “is immune to western medicine.”

It’s not a surprise the internet has got a little over excited about Cromartie’s powerful penis, there is less than 1 percent chance of a woman getting pregnant after a man has had the snip.