China Unveils Plans to Build ‘Mars Village’

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A plan is officially in place for China’s “Mars village.”

The country recently revealed a blueprint for its project to develop a Mars scientific research base and eco-tourism site in northwest Qinghai province.

Building it, however, won’t be cheap. On Sept. 5, Xinhua news agency reported the 95,000 kilometer space base is estimated to cost 400-million-yuan or about $61 million.

It will be home to both a “Mars community” and “Mars campsite,” which will combine elements of education, tourism, scientific research and simulation training.

The project marks the first time China has tried to simulate living conditions on the red planet.

It also comes as the country is expanding its space program.

The China National Space Administration announced it plans to launch a Mars Rover by 2020.

Meanwhile in May, the country began experiments in its moon simulator dubbed the lunar palace.