Canadian Investment Firm Creates New Crowdfunding Investment Platform

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A Canadian investment firm has come up with a new way of raising money for startup technology companies.

The firm is called Fast Track VC and it helps raise early seed funding.

United News International’s Cambrie Caldwell recently spoke with Fast Track Founder and CEO Ruben Dias.

Dias said Fast Track gets about 100 applications a month from companies all over the world looking for early-stage funding.

Fast Track chooses a small handful from that group, negotiates term sheets and invests in them. It then offers investment opportunities to other accredited investors.

United News International’s Cambrie Caldwell asked Dias how his company is different from other crowd-funding platforms,“What makes it really different is, because as we like to say, ‘We’ve been there, we’ve done it’ so the type of language and conversation we have with the company that’s raising, they will see a huge difference. And also because we also invest our own money, the co-investors are more comfortable to invest in our target because we are putting our money on the table.”