Amazon Slashes Prices at Whole Foods

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Whole Foods has had a reputation for high prices with its “Whole Paycheck” nickname, but things are changing.

Now that Amazon officially owns the grocery chain, customers are getting a break.

Last week, the online retail giant promised lower prices on a number of best-selling staples, and the price cuts are already hitting stores.

Starting Monday Aug. 28, bananas sell for 49 cents a pound, which is 30 cents cheaper than before and the organic kind now goes for 69 cents a pound in Manhattan stores, down from 99 cents.

Amazon slashed prices on other produce too including organic avocados, apples, baby kale and baby lettuce.

Shoppers also get discounts on organic brown eggs, milk, salmon, ground beef, and rotisserie chicken.

On top of all of that, Amazon is making its presence felt in stores by selling its own gadgets. Whole Foods set up new display stands for Amazon Echo smart speakers.