Allegations of Neo-Nazi Ties Force Police Chief to Resign

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The interim police chief in an Oklahoma town has said he’ll resign amid allegations he’s affiliated with neo-Nazi and white nationalist websites.

Bart Alsbrook was a reserve police officer in Colbert before his interim police chief appointment.

On Aug. 26, local news station KXII News 12 reported Alsbrook was the owner of ISD Records and NS88 Videos.

Both websites advertise and sell neo-Nazi and white nationalist memorabilia and music.

Alsbrook denied running the websites, saying skinheads stole his wallet in the ‘90s and have been smearing his name for years.

The Southern Poverty Law Center once identified Alsbrook as the Texas coordinator for Blood & Honor USA, what the center regards as a racist skinhead group.

Alsbrook told The Tulsa World, the allegations have ruined his life. He said he will resign as interim chief and won’t continue as a reserve officer.