Amazon Plans to Reduces Whole Foods Grocery Prices

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The organic food store, Whole Foods Market, is about to get a lot cheaper.

Amazon recently purchased Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion and the companies announced on Thursday, Aug. 24, they will be working together to make the store more affordable for everyone.

Whole Foods plans to start offering cheaper food on Monday, Aug. 28.

Eggs, bananas, and avocados are among the list of items that will be reduced.

Amazon also said, further down the line, it’s Prime Members will get discounts and benefits when shopping at Whole Foods.

According to Morgan Stanley, Whole Foods prices are currently about 15 percent higher than the average grocery store. However, since Amazon released its price slashing news, shares of other grocery-store chains have fallen.

An expert and analyst told Bloomberg, whilst referring to Amazon working with Whole Foods, “the entire way we shop for consumables is going to change.”