Researchers Hope to Transplant Pig Organs Into Humans

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) —  Pigs could one day come to our rescue, by providing organs for humans.

Experiments reported in the journal Science on Aug. 10 offer some hope that one day it would be possible to transplant livers, hearts, and other organs from pigs.

Researchers created gene-edited piglets without any viruses that might cause disease in humans.

The American and Chinese research team believes transplantation from one species to another holds great promise.

Pig organs are similar to human organs in size and function, and can also be bred in large numbers. But at the same time, the prospect raises questions about animal exploitation and welfare.

Still, the new research merges two great achievements in recent years; gene editing and cloning.

According to the New York Times, geneticist Dr. George Church at Harvard who led the experiments said the first pig-to-human transplants could occur within just two years time.