‘Kita Kita’ Breaks Philippine Indie Movie Sales Record

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — “Kita Kita” is now the Philippines’ highest-grossing independent film ever, surpassing 2015’s “Heneral Luna.”

“Kita Kita” reached ₱300 millions in tickets sales on Aug. 8, just three weeks after it was released.

“Kita Kita” has now earned more than ₱40 million more at the box office than “Heneral Luna” did, although it cost just 1/8 as much to produce as “Heneral Luna.”

Erickson Raymundo of production company Spring Films wrote in an Instagram post, “For me it’s definitely a miracle.”

“Kita Kita” is a romantic comedy about two Filipinos living in Japan.

The lead female character, Lea, played by Alessandra de Rossi, becomes temporarily blind after an accident.

She then meets, Tonyo, played by Empoy Marquez, and the two develop a close relationship in the midst of her blindness.

Another movie featuring de Rossi and Marquez is already being planned.