Chinese Man Detained After Severed Arms Found in Luggage

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A man was detained at a Chinese bus station with his brother’s severed arms in his luggage.

The 50-year-old Chinese man was detained on suspicion of murder, after recently being stopped in the city of Duyun in Guizhou province.

The man explained to the police his brother had been in an accident, and he was taking his amputated limbs back home so they could be buried with him when he dies.

The man’s brother is not dying at the moment; he is recovering in hospital. But traditionally, when a Chinese person dies, all their body parts are buried together to ensure they go into the afterlife whole.

After the police confirmed the story with his brother’s hospital, the man was free to go, but he was told he would have to find another way to transport the limbs home.

The police reportedly said it’s unlikely he will face criminal charges, but he could receive a fine.