ABC News Pays $177 Million to Settle ‘Pink Slime’ Lawsuit

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — ABC News is ready to move past its lawsuit with a meat processor.

The Walt Disney Company revealed it settled a controversial defamation case for at least $177 million.

The settlement comes after South Dakota-based Beef Products sued ABC for $5.7 billion over a series of reports in 2012.

The news network used the phrase “pink slime” to describe an additive that the cattle industry calls “lean finely textured beef.”

The term “pink slime” was first used by a government biologist who argued the additive was not real ground beef.

The series of ABC News reports on the topic sparked a national outcry over the product, forcing the industry to stop using it and led Beef Products to close a number of its processing plants.

ABC News has not retracted or apologized for its report, which can still be accessed on its website.