9-Year-Old Applies to Be NASA’s Planetary Protection Officer

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — NASA is looking for someone to protect Earth and one enthusiastic applicant from New Jersey has answered the call.

Jack Davis recently sent NASA his cover letter for the job of Planetary Protection Officer.”

There’s just one problem: he’s nine years old. But Jack doesn’t want that to stop NASA from considering him.

In his letter, he lists his qualifications: his sister always tells him he’s an alien; he’s “seen almost all the space movies and alien movies [he] can see”; and he plans on watching “Men in Black” soon.

NASA’s planetary science director responded to Jack, praising his ambition and encouraging him to work hard in school.

NASA is still looking for a real-life guardian of the galaxy. He or she will prevent alien microbes from contaminating Earth and also make sure we don’t spread our germs to other worlds.

Oh, and the person will make a three-figure salary.