Scientists Believe They May Have Come Closer to Finding a Cure for a Common Cold

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Move over cold and flu remedies, scientists believe they may have come closer to finding a cure.

Researchers at Edinburgh Napier University have discovered a molecule, found in the immune systems of humans and animals, that could help toward a cure for the viral infection.

The molecules are defense peptides that increase a human’s natural response to infections, and future cold treatments could be based on them.

Scientists ran tests over a five-year period to find a peptide to kill the main cause for a cold in humans, known as the rhinovirus. Scientists made peptides in the lab that successfully attacked this virus.

Peter Barlow, a professor involved in the study, is excited about the discovery and reportedly said the study “represents a major step towards finding a treatment.”

The next step is to modify the peptide to improve its ability to kill the rhinovirus.