Iowa Issues Bulletin Re: Moscow Mules

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Copper cocktail mugs could be poisoning you.

The Moscow mule – a refreshing adult beverage comprised of vodka, ginger beer and lime — is traditionally served in a copper mug. But state regulators in Iowa have issued a bulletin, informing bars and restaurants that the state prohibits copper from coming in contact with certain foods.

According to the July 28 advisory, copper — which is poisonous in high concentrations — can leach into acidic foods, that’s anything with a pH below 6. And Moscow mules typically test out well below that.

While craft cocktail connoisseurs may find it contemptuous to drink a Moscow mule from a glass… the Iowa bulletin points out that copper mugs are often lined with another metal — like stainless steel — and these are perfectly fine vessels for Moscow mules.

So we can have our mugs, and drink from them too.