HBO Hackers Dump More Stolen Data, Make Ransom Demand

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Whoever is behind the recent cyberattack on the U.S. TV network, HBO, is making demands.

On Monday, Aug. 7, the hackers sent a video letter to HBO CEO Richard Plepler, telling him that HBO must pay “our six-month salary in bitcoin.”

The hackers claimed to make up to $15 million a year by blackmailing companies whose networks they breach.

They also released more stolen data on Monday, including administrator passwords, financial information, scripts from Game of Thrones episodes, and emails from HBO’s vice president for film programming.

Some personal phone numbers of Game of Thrones actors were also released.

Monday’s leak marks the second data dump since HBO confirmed the cyber attack on July 31.

HBO responded by once again saying initial findings don’t seem to suggest their “e-mail system as a whole has been compromised.”

The hackers have threatened to leak more damaging data if HBO does not comply with their terms.