3-Parent Fertility Technique Faces New FDA Crackdown

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The Food and Drug Administration has told a New York doctor to stop marketing a three-person fertility treatment.

The FDA wrote a letter to Dr. John Zhang on Aug. 4 saying his three-person in-vitro fertilization technique violates a federal ban on implanting genetically modified embryos.

The treatment allows for a baby to be born from two women and one man, and it’s used to help prevent a baby from being born with genetic diseases.

Zhang performed the procedure last year for a Jordanian couple.

The mother’s mitochondrial DNA carries Leigh syndrome, a severe neurological condition that led to four miscarriages and killed two other children before the age of six.

Zhang removed some healthy DNA from the mother’s egg and inserted it into a donor’s egg before fertilizing it with the father’s sperm.

The baby, carrying the DNA of three people, was born healthy in Mexico last year.