Tiny Sea Creatures Gnaw on Australian Teen’s Legs

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — It’s a story that has some netizens asking if Australia has anything that doesn’t want to kill you.

A 16-year-old boy ended up in the hospital after tiny sea creatures chewed into his legs.

It happened Aug. 5 in Australia.

Sam Kanizay soaked his legs at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton for 30 minutes but when he got out, he found blood pouring from his ankles.

Sam’s family took him to a hospital where staff were baffled by hundreds of pinhole bites all over his lower legs.

Sam’s dad went back to the beach the next day. He put some raw meat in a net, lowered it in the water and filmed what happened.

Video footage shows hundreds of tiny creatures frantically devouring the free food.

Experts at Museums Victoria identified the animals as a type of scavenging crustacean that’s typically harmless.

Sam is reportedly fine and the beach has not been closed.