Israel to Block Al Jazeera, Pull Media Credentials

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Israel said it will pull Al Jazeera media from television and revoke its journalists’ media credentials.

The Qatari-based news outlet faces similar actions by gulf states after they cut ties with the country last month.

Saudi Arabia and its gulf allies have accused Qatar of supporting terrorism, and closing Al Jazeera is one of the demands issued by the gulf countries before they allow relations to resume with Qatar.

On Aug. 6, Communications Minister Ayoub Kara said Israel based its decision to shut down Al Jazeera on the gulf states’ decisions to do the same.

Kara added Al Jazeera has become a tool for IS, Hezbollah and Iran.

Last month, Israel’s prime minister criticized Al Jazeera’s coverage of the unrest at Temple Mount, or al Haram al Sharif, saying the coverage incited violence.

A spokesperson for Al Jazeera denounced Israel’s decision, saying it will take necessary legal steps in response to it.