2017’s First Case of Sexually Transmitted Zika in Florida

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Florida health officials have confirmed the state’s first case of sexually transmitted Zika this year. The case was reported in Pinellas County earlier this week.

The person’s partner had traveled to Cuba and was exhibiting Zika-like symptoms. The Florida Department of Health confirmed it was not transmitted by a mosquito.

Of the 118 cases reported in Florida this year, the majority are linked to travel outside the United States. The other cases were caused by exposure to the virus in 2016.

Symptoms develop about two weeks after exposure to the virus.

Symptoms include headache, fever, rash, joint pain, bloodshot eyes and muscle pain.

The symptoms can last up to a week. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said not everyone infected displays symptoms.

Zika can cause severe birth defects. The CDC cautions pregnant women to avoid areas with a risk of of the virus.

There is no known treatment for Zika.