‘Beached Sperm Whale’ Appears Along River Bank in Paris

UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) β€” A rotting whale carcass is not a sight one would expect to see while walking along the River Seine in central Paris but pictures seem to show just that.

Except it wasn’t actually real.

The 17-meter sperm whale is an exhibition by Belgian art group, Captain Boomer Collective.

The artificial carcass was displayed last week along the banks of the Seine. It featured fake organs and blood and a team of actors dressed as forensic scientists working around the body.

It’s a convincing facade; many passersby were disturbed by what they took to be an actual beached whale.

What it lacks in visual appeal, the structure makes up for in its intended purpose.

Creators hope it raises awareness about human impact on the environment.

According to The Mirror news outlet, the whale is no longer on display in Paris but is expected to resurface in other major European capitals.